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Become an Exhibitor or Attendee


We offer expert consultancy to help you choose the right tradshows for your individual participation and visits. Our team conducts thorough research on industry-specific events, evaluating their relevance, target audience, and potential benefits for your business. By selecting the most suitable shows, we maximize your exposure to the right target market and increase your chances of successful business interactions.


Our experienced designers create captivating and customized booth designs that effectively represent your brand and products. We handle the entire process, from conceptualization to installation, ensuring that your booth stands out among the competition. With attention to detail and a focus on creating a visually appealing space, we enhance your brand presence and attract the attention of potential customers.


We take care of all your transportation, accommodation, and VIP transfer needs during your individual tradeshow participation and visits. Our team assists in arranging flights, booking accommodations that suit your preferences and budget, and providing exclusive VIP transfer services. Our aim is to ensure your comfort and convenience throughout your journey, allowing you to focus on making valuable connections at the tradeshows.


We specialize in creating compelling brochures, flyers, and promotional materials for your individual tradeshow participation and visits. Our skilled designers and content creators develop engaging materials that effectively communicate your brand's message and showcase your products or services. By capturing the attention of visitors, we help increase awareness and generate interest in your offerings.


To facilitate effective communication during your individual tradeshow participation and visits, we provide professional translators and hosts/hostesses. Our experienced translators ensure accurate and seamless language translation, allowing you to interact with international visitors effortlessly. Our friendly and knowledgeable hosts/hostesses create a welcoming atmosphere, making visitors feel valued and enhancing their overall experience.


We offer catering services tailored to your individual trade fair participation and visits. Whether you need refreshments for your booth or meals for business meetings, our culinary team prepares delicious and diverse menus that cater to your specific requirements. We aim to provide a memorable dining experience that reflects the quality and professionalism of your brand.


If you require assistance in organizing business dinners during your tradeshow participation and visits, we are here to help. We coordinate reservations at top restaurants or arrange private dining experiences to facilitate networking and relationship-building opportunities. From menu planning to logistics management, we ensure a seamless and enjoyable business dinner experience for you and your guests.


To maximize your visibility and reach during tradeshows, we offer advertising space rental services. We help you secure prime advertising locations within the fairgrounds, such as banners, billboards, or digital displays, to effectively showcase your brand and attract the attention of attendees. By strategically placing your advertisements, we aim to increase your brand visibility and generate valuable leads.


Our professional teams take video and photo shoots at the fairground to display your brand, products and events in an attractive and impressive way. We help you announce your fair to a wider audience by using these materials in your social media, website or promotional materials.

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